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Build healthier futures through education and research.

“Step into a world of wellness. We’re not just about health; we’re about life! Our mission is to make health exciting and accessible, and we’re thrilled to have you on this journey with us. From exploring the latest health trends to connecting with a community of health enthusiasts, you’re about to embark on a vibrant adventure for a healthier you. Buckle up, because your well-being is our ultimate destination, and we’re here to make it a thrilling ride. Let’s start this incredible health odyssey together!”

Lead the way in nursing education and practice.

Where the art and science of compassionate care come together. We are delighted to have you explore the world of nursing and midwifery with us. Our mission is to nurture the next generation of dedicated healthcare professionals, arming them with the knowledge, skills, and values essential for delivering exemplary patient care. Join us on this transformative journey as we celebrate the profound impact you will make in the lives of countless individuals and the betterment of healthcare as a whole. Together, we’ll shape the future of healthcare, one caring touch and one life-changing moment at a time.

Where Health professionals are made

Reviews by our alumni to help you pick

  • “I was fascinated to see people go in a place sick and come out well, I was surprised that somebody could identify your problem and help you get better…By the time I  was in secondary school, I was looking for a profession where I could do that.” 
    Dr. Elizabeth Namukombe Ekong
  • “I had always wanted to pursue a course at UCU. It offers a unique experience which sets one apart,” she said. “They offer foundational course units, such as writing and study skills, which give us an upper hand at the work place.”

    Uwimbabazi Sarah
  • If UCU continues with the way it delivers knowledge, it will keep churning out health workers who observe ethical standards with high Christian values and professionalism – virtues she says the university imparts on its students, for them to have an edge on the job market. 

    Veronica Rachael Nakkonde
  • “The curriculum of nursing at UCU has also got foundation course units, such as Understanding Christian Ethics, which shape the world views of students,”


    Apollo Amanya


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